An introduction to the esoteric and occult

This blog will, hopefully, serve as a jumping off (or jumping in) point for an explanation and exploration of the world that has been pulled over your eyes…

First, let’s start with a couple basic ground rules:

1) Nothing I say here will be my personal opinion, prophesy or clairvoyance. I will site news sources, give back up links and research and each reader is thoroughly encouraged to poke holes, investigate, interpret and (most importantly) think for themselves. Leading me to…

2) If you wish to comment, please do. This is very much encouraged. However, if the sole basis of your “argument”, the kernel of your contradiction is “nuh-uh”, “oh, you’re one of those” or “why are you so focused on the negative?”, please, please, shut the hell up. If you’ve got evidence that is contradictory to something posted here, let’s see it. I always (as should we all) welcome any chance to learn, even if I’m wrong.

3) Anything rude, disrespectful, racists, sexists… etc, will be immediately deleted. There’s already enough hate in the world. We don’t need anymore.

So, let’s get on to the first topic. “‘Esoteric and occult’ you say? You must be a loon. I don’t know what the first one means, but ‘occult’ means you worship the devil”. Here are some definitions you should be familiar with:

esoteric – adjective – intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest

occult  – noun –  beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or experience; mysterious. communicated only to the initiated; esoteric: the typically occult language of the time.

Esoteric refers to things or ideas that, frankly, you’re not meant to know. There’s a lot of that in the world, far more than most people can imagine. We’ll talk about that a lot here. Occult does not, in any definition, refer to things “satanic”. However, the word has been given that association, for a very good reason: You’re supposed to be afraid. Very afraid. People are far easier to control when they are afraid, and control is what it’s all about.

This will have to do for now. I’ll post more tomorrow…


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