Problem / Reaction / Solution – explained

The phrase “problem – reaction – solution” is a very import one. It is the explanation of a large percentage of what happens in the world you live in, and can help to understand why so many things in our world seem confusing, yet feel perfectly correct and / or justified. A simple example could look like this:

A person sells surveillance systems and goes door to door hawking their wares at a certain price. They are rejected out of hand as there hasn’t been a need for heightened security to date. This person then then hires a group, to vandalize the neighborhood, but show no connection to X.  After waiting for the situation to get so bad that the residents are not only willing, but demanding that “something be done”, the person returns (possibly under a new name, possible not) offering to provide increased security, and maybe even at a price much greater than the original.

Other, purely hypothetical, examples of this could include: I want to go to war with that person over there. I will frame him for a crime against “the people” (likely done at my own hand) and attack him as an enemy of all the is good, just and true. The people will not only support an idea they naturally resist (war) but demand it, as there has been an affront to their egos, beliefs and sense of security.

Or, I’m a megalomaniac, control freak whose sole purpose in life is to amass as much dominance over those around me as I can. I exacerbate a delicate situation with an “enemy” (or make one up out of thin air – see Wag The Dog) that instils a sense of mistrust among the common people and fear of the unknown. “Something” must be done by “someone”, the people cry. I will now “protect” the common man, but… You just don’t know who to trust anymore, do you? I just need to make sure everyone is registered, accountable, tracked, guided… dumbed down, brain washed and proud to be surrendering their inalienable rights and liberties to the very person that created the problem. But that, of course, would be crazy… right? But it happens all the time. It’s happening in this country, right now.

Know your rights. Protect your privacy. Defend your liberty. Fight for your freedom. Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t trust anyone you don’t know. Always do your research. No, it’s not fun. Yes, you’re busy. No, it’s not pretty. But it’s worth more than you can imagine and you do not want to realize that after it’s too late.


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Musician. Business owner. Free thinker. Supporter of freedom, liberty and opportunity. No religious or political affiliation or agenda. Just hoping to unplug a few slaves and give this world a fighting chance. View all posts by musicalbox23

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