False Flag operations – explained

A False Flag operation is covert / secret act designed to deceive the public into thinking that actions are being carried out by other entities. The name comes from the ancient (usually naval) practice of flying the flag of another country on your ship.Typically this is done to help you achieve a military objective that you need to blame on the people you want to go to war with.

How to tell if something is a legitimate attack vs. a False Flag operation can sometimes be tricky, but if you’re paying attention, they’re not usually hard to spot. Often, the story you hear leading up to this “attack” is muddled, confused or (usually a dead giveaway) wrapped in patriotic / nationalist rhetoric that just says; “They” did something very bad / are a very real threat to “Us” (i.e. our freedoms, liberty, national interests, international security, etc). In recent years however, there has been a new tier added to these justifications; Some of “them” are hurting others of “them”, and it’s our job to step in and stop it in the name of very good, noble ideals that we hold of value.

There are many reasons that this last incarnation is becoming so widespread. One old, very wise, military mantra is; If you want (or need) to attack someone, do it. A better option is to get someone else to do it for you. Better still, create a conflict within your enemy, and get them to destroy themselves. This last part is happening in our country at an alarming rate right now. Hence my decision to start these writings. I first became aware of these ideas and practices in the early 90’s while listening to the lectures of Dave Emory.

A False Flag operation is different from other popular ways to start a war or hostile takeover. Another very popular method is the “Bully / Punch in the Nose” practice of goading an adversary into attacking you (or equally as popular; make their way of life so difficult that they have no choice but to act), standing back and letting it happen, then launching the attack you had planned all along. As always, there are grey areas, where you can find varying amounts of both, but the point that is being pursued is to make it appear to the public that your reactions, the very war you wanted to start, were in self-defense, unavoidable and completely justifiable.

Some famous / infamous (now declassified, provable or commonly accepted) instances of False Flag operations are:

The Manchurian Incident (1931) – Japanese soldiers place explosives on a railroad track owned by Japan’s South Manchuria Railway near Mukden (now Shenyang). Even though the explosion didn’t destroy the tracks (and a train passed by only minutes later) the Imperial army accused Manchurian rebels and launched the full-scale  attack they’d been planning. This ploy was so transparent that Japan was internationally humiliated and withdrew from the League of Nations (more on them in later blogs).

The Reichstag   (1933) – A week before a very important election that could have placed Hitler in power, the Reichstag / German parliament building was set on fire (while still occasionally contested) and blamed on the actions of a mentally challenged Russian man,  Marinus van der Lubbe. While Marinus was certainly disturbed, there are many reports that he was “coaxed” into, and even aided in, commiting the act by Hitler’s own supporters. Let’s call this one a draw. We shouldn’t, but there are SO many more to talk about….

Gleiwitz incident (1939) – On August 31, 1939, operatives (often called provocateurs)  pretended to be Polish terrorists and raided the Gleiwitz radio station near the German/Poland border. Hitler used this as an excuse to invade Poland, which he did the very next day. And on that day, WWII began.

Nero’s Fiddle – Well, actually it was a Lyre he was playing, but… There are as many accounts of Nero trying to save Rome as there are of him playing his “fiddle” while it burned. However, the accounts that say that he did actually start / order the fires also indicate that he did so to implicate and blame the Christians. He (might have, just maybe) needed a reason to blame them for… something, in order to vilify and attack them and seem justified in doing so.

Gulf Of Tonkin – The accounts of 2 (or 4, or 9…) North Vietnamese war ships  attacking 2 US patrol boats is now declassified and widely accepted to have been completely fabricated in order to escalate the war.  After all, the North Vietnamese has cracked many of the US codes and were calling in airstrikes by US forces on our own US soldiers. That looks bad. Something must be done, right? We can’t just sit around and wait…

Spanish / American War (1898) – Acting Navy secretary Teddy Roosevelt Blows up the USS Maine. The USS Maine is ordered (secretly, by Roosevelt) to Havana Harbor (Cuba) where, 3 weeks later, it is mysteriously destroyed. Spain is falsely accused of blowing up the USS Maine in order to get the American people to support a conflict. The US government has long since admitted that Spain was falsely accoused and now says that the explosiong that killed the 26

Operation Northwoods (1962) – When the proposal for Operation Northwoods (which called for the US to attack its only troops and blame it on Cuba) was presented to President Kennedy he rejected it immediately. Still, the fact that the joint chiefs had even committed such an atrocious idea to paper should shed great light on what people with unchecked amounts of power will do to get what they want.

The list goes on and on… False Flag operations have been responsible for more world wide changes in policy and have started more wars than most people can imagine.


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5 responses to “False Flag operations – explained

  • The Masochistic Mystic

    Do you think project bluebeam will actually happen?

    • musicalbox23

      The idea of a “next level” type of stunt does seem pretty plausible. But I don’t think a laser light show of, say, Jesus in the sky is going to give the kind of world wide impact that our global overlords want. However, using something like the HAARP array to cause some catastrophic geological events, tied to some sort of light show (perhaps also linked to Dec 2012 fears) might be enough make people fall in line for Gia worship. I’ve read that the “plan” is to abolish the existing religions and replace them with a global “mother earth” religion, then we get more carbon taxes, monitoring, forced population reduction, etc. Now, if they could some how tie in “terrorism”…

      • The Masochistic Mystic

        Interesting. Researches like Kip Clay said the hologram would be aliens at the 2012 Olympics. Alien invasions do make sense, and a month after kip explained his theory on radio he “committed suicide”

        Over all I dont pay much attention to any of these theories cause even when someone is right and it gets out into the mainstream the plan is changed.

        Just thought it was an interesting thought to have a fake alien invasion.

      • The Masochistic Mystic

        Sorry thats Rik Clay, not kip haha

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