Bank(ers) Run – A warning?

I try not to simply re-blog, but this person did a great amount of really good work, so full props to american kabuki for capturing this data and drawing focus to this alarming trend.

I’m not going to pretend that I know what this means. But I know that it’s not “nothing”, and that it’s nothing good…

Just think about this; why would there suddenly but such an upturn in international banking execs bailing out (pardon the pun)? Do they know something we don’t? (well, don’t they always? It’s their game we’re living in). Do they not want to be there when the $hit hits the fan? Or, did they all, en masse, decided that what they were doing to this planet and the people on it is an atrocity and  hastily vacate in a dust cloud of “mea culpa!” and self-flagellation?  Hmmm… Read on…

American Kabuki – 131 Resignations, and counting

Please remember; loan out, buildup, call back, destroy, buy op for pennies on the dollar. It has happened over and over and over. But this time, something’s different.


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