“Waking Up From The Matrix” – Why call it that?

Knock knock Neo…

You’ve undoubtedly seen the movie (at least the first one). These big machines run the world and people are kept as batteries, or something, and Keanu Reeves is this hot, sort of trans-dimensional super hero, or something… right? Anyway, that chick was super sexy in all that PVC and there was lots of shooting, so… yeah, that movie was awesome.

Close enough, right? Well no, that’s completely missing the message of this movie. Here’s how life imitates art imitates life imitates art…

In the movie, human bodies are used as a “power source” so that the heartless, unfeeling and vastly superior (at least technologically) machines can rule their world. The machines fabricate an artificial reality for those they are sucking their very life from, those of whom they see only as an efficient but undesirable necessity. They create a dumbed down world so that humans can wander around, experience things and think that what’s happening in their life is real and important. This gives off the energy in the brain that the machines are harvesting and using. The humans are asleep. In a force fed coma, of sorts. They “live” in a world that has been created solely as a way to control them, keep them working hard enough to get the most out of them possible. But when you wake up…

Ah, but when you wake up, you see that you have been lied to. That there is actually a war on. That the overlords of technocracy saw you as nothing but a disposable source of power, a means to an end. The fed you just enough to keep you going, keep you fighting with each other, paying taxes, watching the TV, going to sporting events, and plodding, one meaningless day after another, through your seemingly meaningless life. After all, your life is meaningless, to them. You’re a commodity, a resource to be used, exploited, squeezed dry and then discarded, recycled or thrown away.

It is widely held in many circles that the book book Matrix Of Power by Jordan Maxwell is the premiss for this movie’s story line. Maxwell is well worth a couple hours of research on the web. His videos on youtube and other sources of information are amazingly in depth, yet easy to understand, study of the world we live in, who controls it, what they want from us, how and why they lie to us and, in the end, how they keep us too embattled with each other to ever stop and notice them.

If you can understand and accept the concept of a global power elite, the Council On Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg Group (just to name a few) that are actually controlling your world, that you are kept around to pay them taxes and do their bidding, that they don’t care about you, your family, your health and that once you become enough of a nuisance, your services are no longer needed or valid or they’ve found a way to replace you that you are simply gone (or more likely targeted as an enemy)… you will now be able to watch the the The Matrix with a different, more accurate perspective.

It’s as simple as this; there is a very small group of people / families that have always run things. They don’t always agree on everything. They bicker, they fight, they compete, they throw one another under the bus. But one thing they do agree on; They’re better than you. Better, smarter, stronger, more aggressive, more entitled. Hell, there’s even a large body of research that says they believe their from a completely different, more highly evolved blood line, if not solar system / plane of existence. Look at such lunacies as The Groom Of The Stool, Royal Bloodlines, The Reptilian Elite just to name a few. There is clearly a lot of commotion around the question of; are some people here superior to others. And I can tell you that many think the answer is yes. And even less surprising, the ones that think so, are the ones that think it’s them… And in their minds, they own you and everything on this planet. The really scary part is; they’re getting very close, and you’re letting it happen…


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