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How man killed your God, heart and soul… (VMAT-2 – God gene)

I’d made a vow to myself, that I would keep these blogs, unbiased, non-alarmist and hopefully, productive. I need some help. I’m not sure if I can do it this time.

Friends, countrymen, fellow human beings, we are in big, big trouble. But you probably don’t know why,  and if you did you probably wouldn’t care, and here’s why…

In this Youtube clip of a Pentagon briefing, several military leaders are being shown the results of exposing human beings to a “vaccine” to VMAT-2, also known as the God gene (because it has been shown to govern feelings of connection, moral direction, right and wrong, among other things). The results show that a human being can be rendered less passionate, convicted or excitable while becoming more compliant and able to follow directions without moral conflict, remorse or worry. The idea is put forth that this “vaccine” can be introduced to a population of religious fanatics (read: terrorists) who will, as a result, have parts of the right frontal cortex lobotomized, making them less likely to strike in the name of Allah, etc. When asked by a big, bad bass terrorist hunter how they suggested deploying this “vaccine” the reply was “the present plan, and the tests we’ve done so far, respiratory viruses such as flu or rhino viruses. And we believe that is a satisfactory way to get exposure to the largest part of the population“. Um, you can’t contain a flu. “Tests we’ve done so far”, that’s past tense. The tests that these people have already done show that the best way to spread a “vaccine”, is through a virus. He also says very interesting things like “immunize against VMAT2 gene and turn them into normal person” and “an over expression of VMAT2 than can be cured by the vaccine”. An “over expression” of the way you think! That can be CURED by rotting part of your brain away?!?! Yes, that is exactly what their “cure” does.

Here’s the kicker: this was 7 years ago. For all of you “liberal ’til I die” types (and don’t worry, that may be coming sooner than you think) yes, this was under the Bush admin, so you can actually believe it, because all things evil must be Republican and the Democratic way is the only truth, light and hope for humanity, right? (Someone just shoot me, now. Please). But again, this was 7 years ago. You think some of this might be happening already? You think there might be some widely spreading, man made, brain eating virus / vaccines out there already? Just maybe? How about this article from The Guardian about drugs that “improve our behavior”?

Maybe that could link with this this article from Wired magazine that talks about an 11 Million dollar government grant given to “long-time hubs of the military” to find a way of “wiping away the fear that military personnel associate with traumatic memories”. At the center of this focus is the drug D-Cycloserine (DCS). DCS is “a pharmaceutical thought to help extinguish fearful memories”. That means it eats away the part of your brain that remembers or cares about what you did. You see in mainstream media that our soldiers, well meaning, hardworking US citizens (most of them anyway) are being asked to cary out absolutely heinous acts, are under completely unreasonable and unhealthy amounts of stress, are snapping under pressure and are being ordered to serve 4, 5, 6 or even more tours of duty. For ages a couple tours was it for a soldier. After that,  you’re done and going home. But not anymore. Now, they are used up, squeezed like a sponge for all it’s worth, and when they come back broken, despondent and destructive… well heck, we’ll lobotomize them too. And yes, this is happening right now, under this administration, so you can’t finger point, turn away and pretend it’s not “your guy” doing it. It is. Get over it. Face facts. Nothing ever changes except the steadily increasing degree of treachery, tyranny and treason. It’s grown-up time and the hour is very, very late. It’s time to take action and calls these criminals out for being the murderers they really are.

Now, think about this; if the global banking cartel / cabal that has hijacked this country (and most of the rest of the world) places so little value on the life and health of an asset they’ve puts incredible amounts of time, money and training into (US soldiers), what on God’s green earth makes you think they give a flying rats ass about you?

Let me close with this question; Do you feel as smart as you used to be? As connected to a clear, fundamental understanding of right and wrong? As passionate and on fire about the things that matter to you? Sure, some things fade with age and experience, but do you even remember what it felt like? Or, do you feel strangely confused by it all, and yet… (sigh) what are you going to do, right?

Oh, and the guy that released that video, he was arrested in Mexico.