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Looking For The Pony

It was Reagan’s favorite joke (Liberals, calm down). Worried that their son was too optimistic, the parents of a little boy took him to a psychiatrist. Trying to dampen the boy’s spirits, the psychiatrist showed him into a room piled high with nothing but horse manure. Yet instead of displaying distaste, the little boy clambered to the top of the pile, dropped to all fours, and began digging. “What do you think you’re doing?” the psychiatrist asked. “With all this manure,” the little boy replied, beaming, “there must be a pony in here somewhere.”

Just yesterday I posted, what felt to me, like a deluge of information, but it was just a drop in the bucket. Brevity necessitates that I spare the prose, get all this out and clean out the dozens of tabs I’ve got open in my laptop. I’ve never more firmly believed the expression “No, news is good news”… So, without further adieu,  here are the latest affronts to you, your health, you’re liberty and (what used to be) your country…

It’s now a crime to work on a farm. Or so says this article about a bill submitted by the Obama administration making it illegal for people under 18 to do farm chores. Remember, the agenda (21, pardon the pun) is to make everyone completely dependent on the govt., and they do NOT want people to be able to fend for themselves or, god forbid, make non-GMO food. You can now get a citation for hay dust. That’s right, a ticket, for dust. This motif is as old as time. April Fools Day was popularized as a way to demean those that didn’t accept the changing of New Years Day from April 1st (where the Romans, Hindus and many others observed it) to January 1st (Julian to Gregorian calendar change). This was done to break the old world / pagan connection people felt to the earth and harvest. “You’re a fool if you still think the year start in April”. Simple mind control, even back then.

Kate Beckinsdale a suspected terrorist. Here’s the TSA giving KB the full body rub-down. Have the TSA never seen her in a movie? Has her carreer just been a big ploy for her to take down an airliner? She sure looks scary to me! Or are these people really the slimly pervs we’ve been saying they are? But at least they’re now hiding on busses, trains and  cars and trucks on roadsides. Get yer grope on! C’mon.

Shut your mouth! You’re not allowed here!  – All through the western world, people are being kept out of regions where the global elite are meeting. Spain will close it’s borders when the European Central Bank meets next month in Barcelona. Illinois is preparing to evacuate the city of Chicago during the NATO upcoming NATO meeting for fears of rioting from leftist extremists. The entirety of Dealey Plaza has been rented for $110 for an entire week (!?!?) during the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination. An entire park for a week @ $110? I bet I couldn’t get that rate. And by the way, if you’re planning on attending or don’t buy the official story of the assassination, you’re not welcomed.

The Big Red Won – Don’t worry about all the tension between the Anglo-American Empire and the Russo-Chinese, Russians are now training on US soil to deal with political extremists, domestic terrorists and returning veterans.

再见 Detroit! GM takes Cadillac & Volt production to China – That’s right, your next Caddy will have a Made In China sticker. How much did that cost?! You should know, it was your bailout money they used to move jobs out of your country.

 …Anyone seen my pony?